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Artist, Actor, Photographer, Print Designer, Fashion Designer, Writer

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Every photographic image on this website can be used to design a surface pattern design for fashion, interior design, or any other surface.

I was inspired to use photography to create designs for fabric prints after discovering how I could "paint with light” by taking photos of street and neon lights at night using a long exposure with camera movement to create abstract images.

In essence, I move my camera like a painter moves his paint brush, creating imagery that flows and moves in shapes that reflect the human form and works perfectly for printing on fabrics for fashion and can be applied to a range of products.

I also love to take photos of people, places and things which I use, along with found imagery, for creating designs for fabric prints.

I'm interested in collaborating with fashion designers to create some really awesome fashion!

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David Louis Klein

I am presently located in the San Francisco Bay Area where I work as a real estate agent primarily in San Francisco and I have a residence in Daly City and San Jose, CA

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